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Below you can find the list of CC for Ultra Mod.  Most of them are not absolutely required, but without them the lot will not look quite the way I designed it.  The only items I consider reqired are Hudy’s Modern Line Windows, and Armiel’s DIY Builder’s Kit.  There simply are no good substitutions out there for these.  Note that if you had the windows but haven’t updated them since the Pets Expansion Pack, you must update your current files: Pets borked the original windows, which Hudy has since updated.  See the very first link below.

Also note that I have removed all the clutter that was in the pantry.  I figure you can add that yourself, right?

Finally, there *are* some store items here, some of them are part of sets.  I tried not to use too many of those, but… well… there it is! One of them is the Asian Zen set; there are elements of the Stancké collection as well (now available as separate items).  Also the Ultra Lounge set.  They don’t all show up in Custard, and my laptop is struggling already to run TS3, I think it needs a break today.

I have obtained permission from Hudy777 to use the windows; however the house is not uploading to the exchange. Therefore I have included a download from MediaFire.

Custom Content included with the house (items marked with a * are a direct link to the creator’s framed homepage):

A few more pieces of credit:

  • to Armiel, who’s world, Builder’s Island DIY I used to set down this lot.
  • to my Simming friends Kayla, MissRoxor, and Heaven in particular, who are always there for constructive criticism as well as Levini who’s taking part in the contest with me
  • to Lpvinyl21 from BPS for creating both the contest and the house plan
  • to Jule888p7 who created the *other* contest, which gave the direction for the style of this house

You can download this house at MediaFire in sims3pack format (I don’t currently do packages, sorry): Ultra Mod

Vodpod videos no longer available.