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I have used this color twice in builds recently, or something close to it, anyway, without knowing Pantone was going to name it color of the year for 2012.  You can see an example of it in the sidebar to the right, under the “Inspiration” heading.

Interior designers Sandra Espinet, David Bromstadt, Jessica Comingore, Jessica Colaluca, and Caitlin MurrayTangerine tango is a hue of orange just a few shades on the yellow side of red.  It’s highly saturated, a little more red than an actual tangerine.  In short, it’s HOT!

I was amused to discover an article detailing the reactions of well-known designers, including HGTV’s Design Star winner David Bromstadt and Jessica Colaluca, describing this color.  The verdict?  Use in small doses.

I’m afraid I didn’t do that in my latest build, Ultra Mod, but I don’t think I care.  I kind of fell in love with it, all over again.