PhotoBucket no more

When PhootoBucket got too greedy for its own good, tons of people who had been loyal for years, despite the growing, never-resolved list of issues,got fed up I was one of them

Have you heard the latest from PhotoBucket? Somehow they’ve decided their service was so good, they could charge anywhere from $60-$400 a year- that’s FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS!- to allow “3rd party hosting” (by which they mean sharing to forums, eBay listings, blogs, etc etc).



Have they lost their ever loving minds? Literally NOBODY charges that much for the kind of service they’re offering, and absolutely EVERYONE offers monthly billing at the lower tiers.

Fortunately, on the WordPress-hosted blog, all my images are on the WP servers. I think. Not so sure on my Simblr, though.

This is NOT how I wanted to spend my Friday, I’ve got other problems to solve. Like what the hell is wrong with my copy of The Sims 4 Mod Manager. Perhaps I’ll tell y’all all about it later.