TS4 Custom Content and Mods I Use

I should go back and do that for TS3, but I haven’t used a lot of CC in those lots; where I have, I have specifically mentioned it with the download, and that’ll have to do.

TS4 however… oh boy, TS4. I feel there are functionalities in TS3 that are flat out absent in TS4, and too many of those have forced me to use what I’d consider “basic” Mods and Custom Content. As usual, the base game is seriously lacking in color and material options; but TS4 has made this worse by ELIMINATING CASt, the ability to recolor/retexture just about anything you want IN GAME. They’ve made a bunch of items that obviously should have slots on them completely devoid of them. On and on.

So I’ve got mods. Sue me.

These are the ones I consider most essential (in no particular order):

  1. Clutter Anywhere, by PlasticBox
  2. Electronics Anywhere, also by Plasticbox
  3. A Variety of floorpaint replacements :
    1. These 44 and
    2. another 202, both of those overrides, plus
    3. this as an addendum (that is to say, these are actually Custom Content as opposed to overrides). All of these are by Blackygriffin.
  4. Clutter Your World (cabinets) and Clutter Your World (fridges) by Andrew & Orangemittens, which will add slots to the top of all your upper kitchen cabinets and the top of your fridges, respectively.
  5. Oh yeah, there’s one for microwaves too.

I’ll update this list if/when I add more. These are all either overrides or things I might use without thinking about it in a lot. They are NOT essential, for the most part, but your game/lot will NOT look the same without them. This is especially true of the terrain paints.

I don’t really have any game play mods, and those should not affect a lot, in any case. I genuinely try not to have any mods at all, to be honest, but once in a while I’ll pick up something for a particular build. In that case I generally am not intending to share it, or it’s not essential to the build, merely cosmetic in some way.

Another thing you might want (because it’ll simplify your life once you’ve got it set up properly) is MC Command Center . Now if you were playing back in the days of TS3, you almost certainly had heard of Twallan and his suite of mods that made game play more interesting, more personal, and generally BETTER, no matter what kind of Simmer you were. This is the TS4 version; The coding is picked up by Darkerpool, and it is every bit as good as the original.

Now you don’t have to have the entire suite, I believe just the default is sufficient, but you will want to set MoveObjects to always be on (see how to do that here, search for the term to help you out). The reason is while I try not to use MoveObjects a whole lot on lots I intend to share, sometimes I do, and if yours isn’t on, there’s a real possibility things won’t be where they’re supposed to be; this would force you to do a bit of house keeping before you can use the lot, and if you wanted to do that, you’d make your own lot, right? Right!

That’s it! Have fun, and I’ll have fresh lots for you ASAP!