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So I’ve been trying to figure out what causes my Sim to do this whenever she piucks up her kid

Oh no! Something is regularly breaking my arms when I pick up my child, HALP!

This is my Sim picking up her child. At this point I’ve still got a few modes active, so I disabled them all to take the video in found here) and discovered what appears to be a fundamental problem with my install/game? I’m confused now. As you can see the child disappears altogether and she’s in this weird position. I thought ti was her hair, but as you can see, removing the hair does NOT help.

I originally thought it had to be her CC hair, as no one else has this problem, so I removed that and tried again. As you can see above, that did NOT help one whit.

So I disabled CC and scripts from the Game Options and recorded a video. To my chagrin, this happened. As you can see, there seems to be a fundamental issue with my Sim. Her husband does NOT have this problem, btw, that’s important to note. Nor do any of the other visitors (so far) who have interacted with this child. I dunno what gives. Anyone?

I don’t know where to go from there…