All this CC, unf!

I think I’ve mentioned before how I’m keeping from drowning under the sheer weight of too much CC with DOTY going on, right? Hmm maybe not.

Basically what I did is create a subfolder under Mods called “DOTY” (I know, original, right?). In it, I’ve been putting the CC I find for each round. AT the end of the round, I upload all that CC to my Google Drive (I’ll explain why in a minute) and EMPTY the DOTY folder on the hard drive. This is necessary because

  1. this isn’t my computer
  2. the hard drives are BOTH getting full
  3. I don’t really want to get into the habit of a whole bunch of CC and mods anyway, only the ones I consider important or interesting for building.

It’s a good thing, too: by the end of each round my game is starting to get slow, grinding to do basic things like saving, sometimes even crashing. Once DOTY is over, (or, being more modest and realistic, once I’m OUT of DOTY) I’ll go back to my Google Drive and start sorting out the things I REALLY want to keep.

Keyword of the day: organization!


Oh. That’s the limit.

I mentioned a free image editor the other day, called “Photo POS Pro” that I was enjoying. I’m still liking it, but I guess there’s a limit to what it will let you do after a certain time: All of a sudden I’m limited to images no wider or taller than 1024 px. My screen is 2560px wide and I’m designing with that in mind. The project I’d already started all of a sudden won’t let me save, either.


Please tell me if there are going to be limits with the freeware version of your software, ok? Seriously.

Who says you can’t have hills in TS4?


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Certainly not Valhallan who creates a series of Base Game compatible “Hills” that you’d apply like a plant: just put it down, resize, move around with the bb.moveobjects cheat.

Someone asked if they could be redone with the K-Hippie terrains (which I’ve already installed, they override the default terrain paints for a more “realistic” look). Permission has been granted to recolor these. If I didn’t have DOTY going on, and had more experience recoloring I’d jump on that right this second.

Anyway I’ve already downloaded it, gonna see if I can make sand dunes instead of just rocks out on the edge of the ocean. Or something. Exciting!

DOTY 2017 Round 4: Increasingly Pleased

I’m increasingly delighted with the progress of this particular round. I was reminded, as I got going on it that, back in late 2012, I began an involvement with Living Sims with a contest in which we had to make a Sim around a “summer” theme. I can’t remember the details now, but it was fun. The follow-up realization is how much I really do like beach scenes, despite having been to a real beach exactly once… in mid-November, at that. I’d like to try Tybee Island again, but this time more in Spring or mid Autumn…

Anyway! I dedicate this round to Severinka (who has been a Featured Artist at TSR for quire a while, since TS3 days in fact), Plasticbox —moderator at Mod the Sims and TS2-TS4 creator — as well as Madhox —also a TS2-TS4 creator at Mod the Sims — all of whom provided a TON of very useful Custom Content and mods.

As I’ve said before, this round is very much about camera angles. I don’t always go into Live mode to take my pictures, but this time, with the help of the Camera Mods I mentioned in a previous post, I should be able to play with depth of field in a convincing way. So far, so good, wouldn’t you say? (mouse over for the captions, click for bigger versions.)

Overall, I’m quite pleased with the progress. It feels like I’m finally getting ahead, though the same difficulty remains: there is a relatively limited amount of quality CC for TS4, as many are those who will do recolors, few create new stuff. What this means is all the TS4 designers are likely to be using the same items

Which is why I say again: it’s all about the quality of the shots. Let’s wow the judges, shall we?

DOTY 2017 ROund 4: WIP

(I’ve nicknamed this series “Sun of a Beach!” because sometimes I’m a freaking child. hehe)
Anyway, this is what I’m working on. The requirements make it obvious this is as much a photography challenge, this week, as an actual building challenge:

Recreate a “beach”, with the following:

  • A small show of “ocean” created using TERRAIN PAINTS ONLY, absolutely NO in-game water, by which I take it they mean you can’t use the backdrop of an existing neighborhood (I know for a fact, TS3 had some, especially in user-made worlds), not can you use the pool, pond, and/or fountain tools.
  • Sand, trees & rocks
  • (Beach) Activities that teens in the mid-60s would enjoy.
  • An ice cream and?or hot dog/burger stand (not a restaurant, just order you food and take it back with you)

Ummm… ok. So this means perspective will ?SERIOUSLY matter. Lots are only so big. If your camera angle is wrong, you will absolutely be able to tell that this isn’t REALLY an ocean. So I’m mostly playing with the camera at this point. I’ve already done most of my “ocean”, and the beach is looking hot and inviting. Now I need to trick the eye…



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So this round’s theme was “Sci-Fi” without being attached to a particular movie, or type of Sci-fi. We could go wild. I’m kind of glad of that because there is relatively little CC for The Sims 4. We all used at least one element someone else had used, that’s how little there is. In the end it depended how many Packs you had and, mostly, how good you were at searching that out in the first place.

I lucked out last night and searched for “The Sims 4 Sci-fi” straight in Google and discovered a set I hadn’t seen anyone else use yet. I snatched it.

In the end I decided this was a somewhat post apocalyptic world (or maybe just another planet) where people lived underground. There are airlocks to get out of the living quarters, and airlocks to isolate areas that can become compromised. The dining room has some nice windows, always a vulnerability as all Sci-Fi aficionados will tell you, so there are airlocks out of there into various areas of the “house”.

I’m reasonably pleased with this. I chose a green color palette. LOVE the striping around the bottom, too, I find it reminiscent of the idea of neon-type lights going all the way around a wall.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There’s actually an entire section that I built up,m only to realize it wasn’t gonna show up in the pictures. Oh well! That’s ok!

The sliding glass door is actually two glass panels. Behind that, with the open circle, is a base game item called “The Monolith”. I wonder if any of the judges will catch that. It references “2001: A Space Odyssey”, of course.

Honestly, there have been some INCREDIBLE entries this round, and I think I’m seriously at risk of being kicked off. Last week I only got a 68. Not pleased, but not entirely surprised I suppose. I kept the room deliberately uncluttered because ti’s supposed to be a HOTEL ROOM ffs, not a residential bedroom. Oh well. I knew playing with just Base game would be difficult, so I’m not completely complaining or anything. I’m having fun!


New Look!


Whoa! What’s this, a new look? Yep, that’s the idea! It’s a work in progress of course, because a blog’s look can ALWAYS be improved, but for now this will do. Besides, I have things to do. Like finish my DOTY entry. AHH!

I changed it for two reasons:

  1. The “Aside” template of the original one wasn’t working for me, I could see literally ZERO difference between that and regular posts, except the title disappeared (that’s… useless!) and
  2. I wanted a nice, more modern and sophisticated look. I’m a typography snob (just a little, ok?) I like cursive. I’ll spare you the look I REALLY want though, because being unaware of how lettering sizes down on smaller monitors is douchey.

So this is it. Hope it’s readable for you and all.