The passing of The Quxxn

sims3_sim_nationBy now you’ve probably heard: fellow simmer and YouTuber TheQuxxn (pronounced “The Queen”) has passed away. She was sick for quite a while, undergoing many surgeries. However, despite all the best efforts to save her and her own determination, she lost the fight on Saturday, July 20, 2013.

At the moment of this posting, her YouTube channel is still live; however her Twitter account has been closed. Nonetheless, the news is spreading across the Twittersphere as well-wishers continue to post their sympathy. I myself have followed her for years, and am both saddened and dismayed by her passing. I think The Quxxn was a little younger than my own daughters. To imagine a youngster, a child still, being lost like this… My heart swells.

My deepest sympathies to her friends and family. May she continue simming up there in Paradise, and continue to bring joy and love to all she meets.

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The Hewlett gets “picked” at MTS

I was checking in at Mod the Sims today, after a few days off the computer, and was pleased and flattered to find the Hewlett was chosen as a “picked” upload, meaning someone (well presumably a few someones) think it “showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.”  Talk about flattering! You can get a CC-reduced version at the link above, or check out my more elaborately designed version right here.

Thanks to MTS for the honor, I’m totally flattered.

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Updates, and Achievements, and Mods, oh my!

As you all know by now, a new update has been released to The Sims 3 in anticipation of the Island Paradise EP release next week (for my birthday, no less!  Huzzah!) This update forced me and anyone else who plays with mods to wait, very patiently, for out favorite modders to verify what got broken in their original programming and fix it. I’m pleased to say that as of yesterday, the 21st, most of them have either let us know their stuff works, have fixed what was broken, or had created mods that just didn’t need updating anyway, whether the modder knows it or not. Things like OMSP aren’t breaking the game on load. Unfortunately, if you have any Darkpool mods, it’s likely they don’t work. Actually, an interesting thing happens: the game loads to the main menu, but then all the menus are blank. No text, no pictures, nothing. OOPS! Luckily, these are rather esoteric mods, meant for specific game actions, and hardly crucial. Unless I were writing legacies and needed them for story continuity, I can certainly wait.

So that’s updates and mods all rolled into one topic. Continue reading

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Comfy Cozy availabe on MTS

The cute little Cape Cod I shared with you just a few days ago is now also available on MTS. It has also received a staggering 34 downloads in the scant 6 hours it’s been made available. I call that success. 🙂 Go get it for yourself, or at least check it out, and tell me what you think!

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Hewlett available on MTS

I have made a non-CC version of the Hewlett available in this thread on Mod the Sims where it has already been downloaded 133 times. Not bad for my first house lot.

I want to take the opportunity to clarify a few things: although it uses elements from pretty much every EP, most are not absolutely necessary for the house to function. However, most of the windows are University windows. You can, for instance, substitute other windows (especially if you have nice CC ones). If anyone with base game only downloads the house, I’d love to hear what they think, how much work is actually involved to re-personalize the house.

Again, the only EP you probably *truly* need is University, because most of the windows come from that. So don’t hesitate, check it out and go get it!

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Portfolio: Comfy Cozy, a Cape Cod

This time, I have for you a really cute little Cape Cod, 3 bedrooms 2 baths with loft space on the top floor. It’s on a small lot, only 20×15, and therefore doesn’t have many outdoor amenities; that makes it perfect for those sims who like to go out about town. Comfy Cozy Cape Cod Continue reading

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Current Project: a new Cape Cod house

After the Hewlett, and feeling both unburdened by my stint with DOTY and re-invigorated by my passage through it’s halls, so to speak, I’ve found I want to make more houses again. So I’m working on a cute little Cape Cod with a modest exterior, but pretty big dreams on the inside.
Continue reading

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The Hewlett

The Hewlett began as a cc-free project, intended for a LivingSims challenge. Alas, by the time the challenge began, I was so far out into DOTY-land that I simply didn’t couldn’t finish it in time. Nonetheless I persevered, because I just love the design of this house!

Original concept of the Hewlett

Based on an plan, the Hewlett is a spacious Craftsman with plenty of room to expand.

Continue reading

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Final DOTY info and other news

Hello there my old friends. This post is nearly two weeks late, and I apologize for that. If you’ve been following this year’s DOTY, you already know I didn’t win. My entry finished in 5th, in fact. Not quite what I was aiming for, but OMG am I pleased with myself anyway!

Since then, I’ve made a (nearly) CC-free house I’m pretty pleased with as well. I have two versions of it, one with a pool for slightly smaller lots, and another with a pool and hot tub in the back yard. I’ll have a few pics to share over the weekend, and it will be available for download from right here.
What’s that? You want to see now? Oh ok, here you go! Continue reading

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More DOTY 2013 News: Round 4 Entry and Results

First of all, I should not have neglected updating you on the progress of DOTY.

Round 4 saw us taking the Smiths to South Africa, staying at Kruger National Park. I’ll post the pictures I did not submit here, they’re mostly just for fun, but you can find my entry here. Continue reading

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