About Jaguwar

Jaguwar has always known just what she wanted to do: to decorate houses. More to the point, she wants to be the very best in town. Luckily for her, she has artistic traits, a love of people, and a burning ambition: she’s gonna need it.

She is artistic, ambitious, a born saleswoman, charistmatic, and a savvy sculptor. Her lifetime wish is to be a Home Design hotshot. Therefore, in 2011, she founded Jaguwar Design & construction (commonly abbreviated “JDCSims”), a business that is growing and already getting quite a lot of attention.

Her favorites include grilled salmon, pop music, and the color red.  Her preferred design style is elegant contemporary.  However she remains versatile in her approach, seeking to make her clients happy with the environment she helps create for them.


2 thoughts on “About Jaguwar”

  1. wow, she’s just lovely! Thank you for following My Darling, I hope you enjoy 🙂

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