Terms of Use

I work really hard on all my content, and I appreciate that this work be respected.  Here is how you can make sure that my hard work (offered for free, I might add) is appreciated.  It’s not very difficult:

  • Please do not upload my work to any other website, pay or free. Where I upload is my decision to make.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, claim my work as your own.  It’s too easy to tell who did what and when; to pretend otherwise is plain stupid.
  • You may discuss, share, or link to my work, as long as you make sure to give credit.  If possible or appropriate, feel free to also add a link to this site: https://jdcsims.wordpress.com/.
  • Unless otherwise stated, please do not modify my work unless it is for your personal use, in your own game.
  • If you are unsure about any of the above, please contact me here.

See?  Easy!  Give credit, don’t upload elsewhere.  I retain all rights to my own work.  Anything else can be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  I expect to share my work on MediaFire, ModTheSims, The Exchange, iPlaySims, or here (of course). I also have a photo album on Picasaweb. If you see my work elsewhere, or pics of my stuff anywhere but Picasaweb or JDCSims, please let me know ASAP.

Thank you!


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