Finally! I got a jolt of inspiration and I’m off to the races! I hate when this happens at the last minute, but it’s better than not at all.

Then again, I’ve seen most of the other entries. Truth is, there are some REALLY good ones out there. I already know who’s likely to have the top score, in fact I think the two right below are likely to be right behind that one. Still, all I have to do is NOT BE LAST. Or next to last. That would be bad…

Anyway, back to it!

New Self Sim, New Avatars


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So… I made a new self Sim as you can see, and spent quite some time trying to take pictures. Posing in this game isn’t always easy, but I’m pleased with the results, at least for now.

In the process I also found myself a new, free photo editor called Photo POS Pro with which I was VERY pleased. Layers, very good filters, a wide range of basic and not-so-basic tools, a fairly easy learning curve, and if you want to purchase the “Premium” version it’s less than $50. I haven’t used it for editing on either this blog or my Simblr yet, but I have used it to help create some custom content: a series of photographs, using the “Pear Essentials Framed Watercolor” print (found under “Decorations => Clutter”).\


You can see three of my new custom paintings on the left, using the item on the right within the circle. Those are screenshots from my boyfriend’s Elite Dangerous: Horizons game. I’m pleased that he recognized them with very little prodding. Me: Does that look familiar? Him: Is that from Elite? Me: beams and nods. Very pleased.

I had to do this because I wanted the flavor of something futuristic and space themed, and I also wanted to be able to put these pictures ON a flat surface, as opposed to the wall, and lemme tell yeah, there are exactly THREE such frames in the base game: the pear, the apple (which you see nearby) and another of some rather abstract leaves on an equally abstract branch. That’s it. Moreover, it appears no one is doing this kind of print or photo, it’s always people, landscapes, or even more fruit. So I made my own.

Anyway, the above image is the FIRST time I used PPS for this blog as I needed toi illustrate a point, so there you go! This is still using the free version, btw. Their “Help”
is a bit of a joke, but otherwise I’m not complaining at all.

Needless to say I also had to use something for creating (or, more accurately, recoloring) an item for use in-game. I chose Sims4Studio for a host of reasons, not the least of which is that I don’t particularly want to use The Sims Resource Workshop. I want to say this is a decision I made a long time ago, though I no longer know why? Anyway, as those are your two choices, you just need to pick one! For the record, there appear to be reasons to choose one over the other. I don’t know those fully yet, either. If/when I find out, I’ll tell ya!

Hurray for good software!

DOTY Frustration 2

I’ve never had quite so much trouble doing a “modern” or even “futuristic” style. Must be out of practice.

Today’s dilemna: flooring.

Before we talk about this, let’s just say I’ve virtually emptied the room. The table, chairs, and place settings will remain, and that kickass wall covering is staying, but otherwise… it’s all subject to review. Because wall and floors set the tone for the whole thing, however, I’m sitting here dithering over a choice. Lemme show you what I’ve got:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There are a few other choices as well, though it wouldn’t be an exxageration to say they’re a little much, maybe? Still I’ll throw this one in there, just for fun:

04-27-17_5-09-01 PM

“Soft Landing” playground cover in blue

Choices choices!

After a conversation with my boyfriend, I’ve decided I’m going for a “Cyber Punk” aesthetic. That turns out to have color palettes that remain within a certain narrow band. It can be any band at all, mind you, but it doesn’t stray very far. For instance, check out this “color wheel” discussing the palettes of various cyber punk-themed movies:

Cyber Punk color palettes

Source: this rather interesting article actually discussing, in detail, Deus Ex: Human Revolution back in 2011.

Without meaning to, it seems I’ve chosen the world the The MAtrix, the conputer version.

Not that this helps us. I’m not actually using any particular movie, game, or show for inspiration. Just that incredible wall.

So my question is, what would you choose?

DOTY Frustration


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I am SO frustrated right now!

I have several fantastic ideas, I’ve tried them all, and none of them are giving me anything like what I want. And it’s not for lack of trying, either. It’s just that when you do a “Sci fi” space, everybody and their brother immediately thinks LOTS of small round lights and white walls. I’m trying to stay the hell away from tat… and it’s not working.

(Now obviously, this is just a WIP so don’t judge TOO harshly.. but I’ve also already said it sucks so… Also, I didn’t know WordPress could display images like this ^^, in a circle, that’s neat!)

I ADORE that wall covering, it’s bright and fun. You can’t see it, but it’s also got a nice texture. Maybe it’s the flooring. It’s a metal floor, but it looks a fair amount like wood, which is absolutely NOT what I want. Or that rug. It’s gorgeous, and one if many good choices, but it’s not terribly, sci fi or futuristic the way we normally think about it. That was the point: I don’t want to do the obvious; I was imagining a future where life is bleak: everything green is now being grown underground because it’s Mad Max desert topside, you know? So in their living spaces, people are salvaging what’s left of old human civilization: comfy area rugs, old cameras, beautiful space prints, old cogs and pulleys… in short, I’m going for a cross between steampunk and sci fi without wanting to go too far in either.

Ugh. I know what I mean, but even explaining it is awkward. No wonder it’s not clicking!

Anyway, two days to go. Either I’ll turn something in or I might as well sit it out.

Today’s passing thought


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Why the hell are all the CC floor tiles so HUGE?

04-20-17_6-19-48 PM

(on the left is a base game tile called “Slippery Walls”; on the right is a custom tile called Fine Wall Tiles” that DOES NOT have a matching floor tile, I might add… there’s another gripe for ya!)

For once, I’m not bitching at the game designers who seem to understand most of us don’t want tiles that, in the real world, would be THREE fucking FEET wide. I don’t want to pick on anyone so I won’t post pictures of anyone’s creations here, but generally speaking, either they’re odd shapes (which is great, that I can get behind, but is kind of “special use” and not very useful for general usage) or they’re really wide. Finding tile of a style that would match either one of these appears to be an excercise in futility.


Quick passing thoughts.


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I’m busy trying to work on my DOTY entry for the second round (where we are to decorate a hotel room inspired by the original, 1960’s Alfred Hitchcock movie Psycho), trying to imagine wtf would be in a 1960’s hotel room… both what a guest would bring, and what a hotel would provide. I’m essentially looking for clutter at this moment. A pair of driving gloves, for instance. Suitcases. Etc. In the process I come across an incredibly beautiful room set labeled “vintage”, and suddenly I’m thinking of scrapping my original idea.

But I don’t dare.

Because the deadline is in two days.

AAAAAhhhhhh! I hate it when that happens!

Anyway, I’d best get back to it….

Bates Motel sets

(Left) The Psycho movie set in California; (Right) the BATES MOTEL set in Canada


Sims 4 camera MODs for better pictures


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Taking pictures in The Sims has always been a bit of a chore, despite the game often coming with its own mechanisms for doing so. The Sims 3 even enabled your Sims themselves to take pictures. The Sims 4 has a new and completely useless camera mode… but it also allows the use of a Sims 3-style camera.

Problem is, just like in the previous game, that camera has issues. It has a tendency to drift away from the shot you intended, and certain elements actually fade out of the way, including the Sims you’re trying to take a closeup picture of, an effect you may not want for the purposes of taking pictures.

Enter the Live Mode and Tab Mode Camera Mods – No Drift & Lower Level! mod to fix the former problem, and the No Fade Sims and Objects for the latter issue. Long ass names, but they certainly do the job you need them to! (There are versions for The Sims 3 as well,herehere and here, all of which I have used.) If you mean to take pictures of your Sims, or of your lots, or anything else happening in your Sim world, you’ll want to get these mods! They’re a first step to better showcasing of your work, or illustrating your stories if that’s what you’re into.

MODs make our games better.

Better terrain paints: a mod (actually, several)

This particular item is not new, at all, but hey, I’m playing catch-up, mkay?

I dunno if anyone knows or remembers (or even cares, frankly), but ModTheSims is still by far my favorite Sims site, for the quality of the content, the general intelligence of the people, and more. SO I was browsing there earlier and came across a series of 202 terrain paint OVERRIDES by Blackgryffin (on Tumblr that’s @K-Hippie or Tech-Hippie.) There are two other related mods, a replacement for 44 EA floorpaints, and an addendum (that is to say, entirely NEW terrain paints) of 42 MORE terrain paints.

The overrides will changer ALL the terrain in your game, not just your lot (though there are some small rendering differences, this is a known thing but doesn’t actually make the game ugly, at least not on my game.) The point is, it makes the terrain a LOT less cartoony, which in turn means better pictures.

And that, right there, is the reason I’m bringing it up: the next pictures I take will show this new and improved terrain paint. For the most part, it’s not necessary CC if and when I start sharing lots again, but if you really want your lots to look like mine, you want these items.

Now you know. 🙂


WIP: On the Bias


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I’m back to building based on houseplans. This one was difficult because of the way TS4 works. 17 yeas of Sims, 4 different iterations of the game, each of them worth hundreds of dollars to buy fully, and we still have serious limitations when it comes to diagonal builds and roofing. smh

While this isn’t an exact match by a long shot (because that ROOF, man!) I think it does a decent job of maintaining what remains of the spirit of this house: small, modern, and efficient. What do you think?

Based on this real-life house plan, though the limitations of TY\he Sims meant I had to change the roof, which is the primary defining feature of this build.

“On the Bias” would have been great actually built diagonally but game limitations meant that wasn’t possible. It’s ok though, I could never have recreated that architecturally-defining roof.

View from the other side. The landscaping isn’t quite done yet.

Overhead view

Living Room, with window detail

Tiny master bedroom

Second bedroom, Part 1

Second bedroom, part 2

Third bedroom, meant for as youth or someone studious.

Teeny tiny kitchen. It does what it’s supposed to, and not a single thing more.

Kitchen and dining, as seen from the living room

I’m back…



At least for a while, I’m back.  I disappeared for a time for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the simple fact I was NOT playing The Sims anymore. My computer couldn’t handle the awesomeness, for one thing (by which I probably mean I had too much CC, honestly), but I also had a period of time in which I had to simply do other, real-life things.

In addition, I’d moved much of my operations at the time to Tumblr. If you’re suddenly seeing all these new posts on the WordPress blog, that’s where they’re coming from. (all you peeps on Tumblr won’t know what I mean, and that’s ok. While WordPress can and will publish to Tumblr, the opposite isn’t true at this time, and I’m making this post from WP, so…).

So I’m playing The Sims 4 these days, by which I most;y mean I’m building in TS4: my boyfriend found the base game on an Origin sale during the holidays, and so here we are. A lot of things are different, some of them are infuriating, not the least of which is the way the camera works. Yes, I know there’s a TS3 camera mode. The problem is the camera mod available for TS4 isn’t as good as the original. That’s not Buckley, the modder’s, fault; it’s something about the way TS4 works. (If you don’t know Buckley’s work, you’re probably missing out, living under a rock, or you’re a Sims purist, which I understand too).

Anyway! I’m building again. I only have base game at the moment, cause the idea of spending even $10 for what amounts to DLC still sticks in my craw, but also because it wouldn’t be my money. That means, as usual, my choices are more limited than I’d like. I tend to build modern, as you’ve surely noticed, but as always more than half the base game items are more traditionally-themed. Or Mission, that’s always a favorite.

I do the best I can.

I mentioned the camera earlier for a reason: I’m going to post a few pictures of things I’m working on, but I have to apologize in advance for the poor camera work. Not only am I struggling with the limitations of the existing mod, for all that it actually DOES give me more flexibility, but I’m also woefully out of practice. I’m doing what I csn. But I’m liking a lot of these lots, and I want to share with you so… Stay tuned!