(I’ve nicknamed this series “Sun of a Beach!” because sometimes I’m a freaking child. hehe)
Anyway, this is what I’m working on. The requirements make it obvious this is as much a photography challenge, this week, as an actual building challenge:

Recreate a “beach”, with the following:

  • A small show of “ocean” created using TERRAIN PAINTS ONLY, absolutely NO in-game water, by which I take it they mean you can’t use the backdrop of an existing neighborhood (I know for a fact, TS3 had some, especially in user-made worlds), not can you use the pool, pond, and/or fountain tools.
  • Sand, trees & rocks
  • (Beach) Activities that teens in the mid-60s would enjoy.
  • An ice cream and?or hot dog/burger stand (not a restaurant, just order you food and take it back with you)

Ummm… ok. So this means perspective will ?SERIOUSLY matter. Lots are only so big. If your camera angle is wrong, you will absolutely be able to tell that this isn’t REALLY an ocean. So I’m mostly playing with the camera at this point. I’ve already done most of my “ocean”, and the beach is looking hot and inviting. Now I need to trick the eye…