I’m increasingly delighted with the progress of this particular round. I was reminded, as I got going on it that, back in late 2012, I began an involvement with Living Sims with a contest in which we had to make a Sim around a “summer” theme. I can’t remember the details now, but it was fun. The follow-up realization is how much I really do like beach scenes, despite having been to a real beach exactly once… in mid-November, at that. I’d like to try Tybee Island again, but this time more in Spring or mid Autumn…

Anyway! I dedicate this round to Severinka (who has been a Featured Artist at TSR for quire a while, since TS3 days in fact), Plasticbox —moderator at Mod the Sims and TS2-TS4 creator — as well as Madhox —also a TS2-TS4 creator at Mod the Sims — all of whom provided a TON of very useful Custom Content and mods.

As I’ve said before, this round is very much about camera angles. I don’t always go into Live mode to take my pictures, but this time, with the help of the Camera Mods I mentioned in a previous post, I should be able to play with depth of field in a convincing way. So far, so good, wouldn’t you say? (mouse over for the captions, click for bigger versions.)

Overall, I’m quite pleased with the progress. It feels like I’m finally getting ahead, though the same difficulty remains: there is a relatively limited amount of quality CC for TS4, as many are those who will do recolors, few create new stuff. What this means is all the TS4 designers are likely to be using the same items

Which is why I say again: it’s all about the quality of the shots. Let’s wow the judges, shall we?