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So this round’s theme was “Sci-Fi” without being attached to a particular movie, or type of Sci-fi. We could go wild. I’m kind of glad of that because there is relatively little CC for The Sims 4. We all used at least one element someone else had used, that’s how little there is. In the end it depended how many Packs you had and, mostly, how good you were at searching that out in the first place.

I lucked out last night and searched for “The Sims 4 Sci-fi” straight in Google and discovered a set I hadn’t seen anyone else use yet. I snatched it.

In the end I decided this was a somewhat post apocalyptic world (or maybe just another planet) where people lived underground. There are airlocks to get out of the living quarters, and airlocks to isolate areas that can become compromised. The dining room has some nice windows, always a vulnerability as all Sci-Fi aficionados will tell you, so there are airlocks out of there into various areas of the “house”.

I’m reasonably pleased with this. I chose a green color palette. LOVE the striping around the bottom, too, I find it reminiscent of the idea of neon-type lights going all the way around a wall.

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There’s actually an entire section that I built up,m only to realize it wasn’t gonna show up in the pictures. Oh well! That’s ok!

The sliding glass door is actually two glass panels. Behind that, with the open circle, is a base game item called “The Monolith”. I wonder if any of the judges will catch that. It references “2001: A Space Odyssey”, of course.

Honestly, there have been some INCREDIBLE entries this round, and I think I’m seriously at risk of being kicked off. Last week I only got a 68. Not pleased, but not entirely surprised I suppose. I kept the room deliberately uncluttered because ti’s supposed to be a HOTEL ROOM ffs, not a residential bedroom. Oh well. I knew playing with just Base game would be difficult, so I’m not completely complaining or anything. I’m having fun!