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So… I made a new self Sim as you can see, and spent quite some time trying to take pictures. Posing in this game isn’t always easy, but I’m pleased with the results, at least for now.

In the process I also found myself a new, free photo editor called Photo POS Pro with which I was VERY pleased. Layers, very good filters, a wide range of basic and not-so-basic tools, a fairly easy learning curve, and if you want to purchase the “Premium” version it’s less than $50. I haven’t used it for editing on either this blog or my Simblr yet, but I have used it to help create some custom content: a series of photographs, using the “Pear Essentials Framed Watercolor” print (found under “Decorations => Clutter”).\


You can see three of my new custom paintings on the left, using the item on the right within the circle. Those are screenshots from my boyfriend’s Elite Dangerous: Horizons game. I’m pleased that he recognized them with very little prodding. Me: Does that look familiar? Him: Is that from Elite? Me: beams and nods. Very pleased.

I had to do this because I wanted the flavor of something futuristic and space themed, and I also wanted to be able to put these pictures ON a flat surface, as opposed to the wall, and lemme tell yeah, there are exactly THREE such frames in the base game: the pear, the apple (which you see nearby) and another of some rather abstract leaves on an equally abstract branch. That’s it. Moreover, it appears no one is doing this kind of print or photo, it’s always people, landscapes, or even more fruit. So I made my own.

Anyway, the above image is the FIRST time I used PPS for this blog as I needed toi illustrate a point, so there you go! This is still using the free version, btw. Their “Help”
is a bit of a joke, but otherwise I’m not complaining at all.

Needless to say I also had to use something for creating (or, more accurately, recoloring) an item for use in-game. I chose Sims4Studio for a host of reasons, not the least of which is that I don’t particularly want to use The Sims Resource Workshop. I want to say this is a decision I made a long time ago, though I no longer know why? Anyway, as those are your two choices, you just need to pick one! For the record, there appear to be reasons to choose one over the other. I don’t know those fully yet, either. If/when I find out, I’ll tell ya!

Hurray for good software!