I’ve never had quite so much trouble doing a “modern” or even “futuristic” style. Must be out of practice.

Today’s dilemna: flooring.

Before we talk about this, let’s just say I’ve virtually emptied the room. The table, chairs, and place settings will remain, and that kickass wall covering is staying, but otherwise… it’s all subject to review. Because wall and floors set the tone for the whole thing, however, I’m sitting here dithering over a choice. Lemme show you what I’ve got:

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There are a few other choices as well, though it wouldn’t be an exxageration to say they’re a little much, maybe? Still I’ll throw this one in there, just for fun:

04-27-17_5-09-01 PM

“Soft Landing” playground cover in blue

Choices choices!

After a conversation with my boyfriend, I’ve decided I’m going for a “Cyber Punk” aesthetic. That turns out to have color palettes that remain within a certain narrow band. It can be any band at all, mind you, but it doesn’t stray very far. For instance, check out this “color wheel” discussing the palettes of various cyber punk-themed movies:

Cyber Punk color palettes

Source: this rather interesting article actually discussing, in detail, Deus Ex: Human Revolution back in 2011.

Without meaning to, it seems I’ve chosen the world the The MAtrix, the conputer version.

Not that this helps us. I’m not actually using any particular movie, game, or show for inspiration. Just that incredible wall.

So my question is, what would you choose?