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Why the hell are all the CC floor tiles so HUGE?

04-20-17_6-19-48 PM

(on the left is a base game tile called “Slippery Walls”; on the right is a custom tile called Fine Wall Tiles” that DOES NOT have a matching floor tile, I might add… there’s another gripe for ya!)

For once, I’m not bitching at the game designers who seem to understand most of us don’t want tiles that, in the real world, would be THREE fucking FEET wide. I don’t want to pick on anyone so I won’t post pictures of anyone’s creations here, but generally speaking, either they’re odd shapes (which is great, that I can get behind, but is kind of “special use” and not very useful for general usage) or they’re really wide. Finding tile of a style that would match either one of these appears to be an excercise in futility.