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I’m busy trying to work on my DOTY entry for the second round (where we are to decorate a hotel room inspired by the original, 1960’s Alfred Hitchcock movie Psycho), trying to imagine wtf would be in a 1960’s hotel room… both what a guest would bring, and what a hotel would provide. I’m essentially looking for clutter at this moment. A pair of driving gloves, for instance. Suitcases. Etc. In the process I come across an incredibly beautiful room set labeled “vintage”, and suddenly I’m thinking of scrapping my original idea.

But I don’t dare.

Because the deadline is in two days.

AAAAAhhhhhh! I hate it when that happens!

Anyway, I’d best get back to it….

Bates Motel sets

(Left) The Psycho movie set in California; (Right) the BATES MOTEL set in Canada