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I’m back to building based on houseplans. This one was difficult because of the way TS4 works. 17 yeas of Sims, 4 different iterations of the game, each of them worth hundreds of dollars to buy fully, and we still have serious limitations when it comes to diagonal builds and roofing. smh

While this isn’t an exact match by a long shot (because that ROOF, man!) I think it does a decent job of maintaining what remains of the spirit of this house: small, modern, and efficient. What do you think?

Based on this real-life house plan, though the limitations of TY\he Sims meant I had to change the roof, which is the primary defining feature of this build.

“On the Bias” would have been great actually built diagonally but game limitations meant that wasn’t possible. It’s ok though, I could never have recreated that architecturally-defining roof.

View from the other side. The landscaping isn’t quite done yet.

Overhead view

Living Room, with window detail

Tiny master bedroom

Second bedroom, Part 1

Second bedroom, part 2

Third bedroom, meant for as youth or someone studious.

Teeny tiny kitchen. It does what it’s supposed to, and not a single thing more.

Kitchen and dining, as seen from the living room