At least for a while, I’m back.  I disappeared for a time for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the simple fact I was NOT playing The Sims anymore. My computer couldn’t handle the awesomeness, for one thing (by which I probably mean I had too much CC, honestly), but I also had a period of time in which I had to simply do other, real-life things.

In addition, I’d moved much of my operations at the time to Tumblr. If you’re suddenly seeing all these new posts on the WordPress blog, that’s where they’re coming from. (all you peeps on Tumblr won’t know what I mean, and that’s ok. While WordPress can and will publish to Tumblr, the opposite isn’t true at this time, and I’m making this post from WP, so…).

So I’m playing The Sims 4 these days, by which I most;y mean I’m building in TS4: my boyfriend found the base game on an Origin sale during the holidays, and so here we are. A lot of things are different, some of them are infuriating, not the least of which is the way the camera works. Yes, I know there’s a TS3 camera mode. The problem is the camera mod available for TS4 isn’t as good as the original. That’s not Buckley, the modder’s, fault; it’s something about the way TS4 works. (If you don’t know Buckley’s work, you’re probably missing out, living under a rock, or you’re a Sims purist, which I understand too).

Anyway! I’m building again. I only have base game at the moment, cause the idea of spending even $10 for what amounts to DLC still sticks in my craw, but also because it wouldn’t be my money. That means, as usual, my choices are more limited than I’d like. I tend to build modern, as you’ve surely noticed, but as always more than half the base game items are more traditionally-themed. Or Mission, that’s always a favorite.

I do the best I can.

I mentioned the camera earlier for a reason: I’m going to post a few pictures of things I’m working on, but I have to apologize in advance for the poor camera work. Not only am I struggling with the limitations of the existing mod, for all that it actually DOES give me more flexibility, but I’m also woefully out of practice. I’m doing what I csn. But I’m liking a lot of these lots, and I want to share with you so… Stay tuned!