This particular item is not new, at all, but hey, I’m playing catch-up, mkay?

I dunno if anyone knows or remembers (or even cares, frankly), but ModTheSims is still by far my favorite Sims site, for the quality of the content, the general intelligence of the people, and more. SO I was browsing there earlier and came across a series of 202 terrain paint OVERRIDES by Blackgryffin (on Tumblr that’s @K-Hippie or Tech-Hippie.) There are two other related mods, a replacement for 44 EA floorpaints, and an addendum (that is to say, entirely NEW terrain paints) of 42 MORE terrain paints.

The overrides will changer ALL the terrain in your game, not just your lot (though there are some small rendering differences, this is a known thing but doesn’t actually make the game ugly, at least not on my game.) The point is, it makes the terrain a LOT less cartoony, which in turn means better pictures.

And that, right there, is the reason I’m bringing it up: the next pictures I take will show this new and improved terrain paint. For the most part, it’s not necessary CC if and when I start sharing lots again, but if you really want your lots to look like mine, you want these items.

Now you know. 🙂