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This was on simsecret. Like wtf… I dont want this bull rn

A. I would trust @darkosims3 would give credit where is due and even if he did he’d have the courage of his convictions to say summin to me.

B. They dont even look alike! As fas as I know mine has less shading than his, unless he photoshopped a little, and the gap on mine is different.

Gonna address this only cause you posted it and your work is involved in it, you and everyone else know that I don’t care what gets posted there or do I ever feel the need to discus it.
I’m so glad they picked your retexture cause what you know and person posting this obviously didn’t is I wouldn’t have any problem asking for your permission to use your retexture in which case I would make a clear statement that the texture is yours cause I always try to make sure I give credit where is due like you said 🙂
The texture I used was EA’s and it was taken from the dreads that came with university life I believe and was later edited by my self and I would mention that that if I ever decided to post my retexture. Again going back to what you said its really obvious that they are not a like and that gap you mentioned is a perfect indicator that its not the same texture we are talking about (I was to lazy to edit that since it was almost 6am like I stated in that post).
So how I see this is who ever made it is a little shit stirrer that wanted to start something but failed badly at it. So that’s that, I already gave this more attention than it deserves so a :* to you @nova-wolf and who ever made this broooo find a new hobby, idk maybe you could practice your Ps skills so that the next time you decide to talk about me at least the picture looks nice.  

Put it eloquently, dude. 

Whoever tried to start something or was reaching to start something, ya need a better hobby. 

Sims Drama! smh. -Jag