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I honestly didn’t expect I’d be back anytime soon, if ever, but my boyfriend has promised to get me TS4 tonight and, assuming there are no weird installation problems or anything, it looks like I’ll be playing again.

I’m sure by now my few paltry followers (Hi! Thanks for forgetting about me and NOT unfollowing! LOL) already know about the Origin sale. If you’re like me and thought things like “What do you mean I can’t recolor straight in CAS and in CAST… NO! I’m never playing TS4!” then later thought “It DOES look good and I miss it but I can’t justify the price if I can’t do what I used to do in TS3″ then guess what? Is $15 too much to pay for what I still consider a subpar product?

$14.99, to be exact, during the Origin holiday sale (or $18.49 for the Digital  Deluxe Edition), going on until January 12th, 2017.

Meantime I’m back at my favorite Sims haunts: Mod the Sims, Living Sims, and The (

ever ubiquitous ) Sims Resource.

And let me be objective here: TS 4 isn’t necessarily a subpar product; however in light of Electronic Arts mega contest (you know the one where they asked you to tell them how The Sims had changed your life, focusing on photography/video creation and editing, storytelling, architecture, and other elements that genuinely opened up whole new avenues of real-life interests for thousands of Simmers), I would have thought they’d recognize the ability to “paint” as you wanted to be an essential part of what The Sims was, now. The Sims hasn’t been just something you play since The Sims 3, maybe earlier when The Sims 2 allowed users to create custom “recolors” if they had the time and will to learn how. The Sims 3 streamlined the process, IMO: I could take someone’s custom mesh and recolor it as I saw fit to create my own custom item: in my case, a building decorated just the way I wanted. For Sim creators, they could take a dress with the right flow and customize it for their Sim’s personality and/or occasion. And TS4 took that kind of creativity away.

Still, I find myself immersing myself in the world of The Sims even before I get the game back. Guess we’ll be diving in again!….

Have you finally got TS4 this year? I know of many who felt somewhat like me, and/or were too broke for it to matter when it came out anyway. Let me know, I’d love to hear from your experiences.

Oh and all the Packs will have to wait until I can afford them and set up my own computer anyway so… vanilla TS4 it is!