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There are so many homeless people in Athens an it’s not that big! It’s absolutely crazy how many there is. It’s funny how they al just end up in Athens, also. I feel like it’s like a magnet. If you once lived here and you move and you don;t really know where to go, you go to Athens! 

The problems that the world is facing now-a-days with people just being mean and stupid have over powered the greatness that something little could bring. The person that messed up Tracy are the type of people who have mud like minds and don’t know how to dry it up to make themselves better and are forever a mess that attracts gnats! 

I hope Tracy is able to get back on his feet without much trouble and is able to fight through whatever he is faced with being homeless.  

+ Tracy. 17 Feb, 2o15.

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This is my real-life friend Destinee. She’s working on this project to collect the stories of every day people, out on the streets of Athens, GA. Please go take a listen, and if you have a story you want to tell, use her “Tell me Your Story” link in the menu. Thanks. Jag