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Squishie: I actually managed to fit a lot onto a 10×10, look! And it’s still pretty and full of cfe!
Me: Ooh, let’s have a look!
Squishie: I haven’t playtested it, but I think it’ll all work okay…
Me: Looks like it will, although, where’s the cooker?
Squishie: Huh?
Me: You haven’t got a cooker.
Squishie: …
Squishie: I swear I had one. I definitely had one.
Me: I believe you.
Squishie: There was definitely a cooker there somewhere.
Squishie: *looks at exactly zero tiles of free space*
Squishie: Urgh…

OMG I LOL’ed! Never managed to do that, but that would be a nightmare I can too easily imagine, ugh~ LOL -Jag