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sims3_sim_nationBy now you’ve probably heard: fellow simmer and YouTuber TheQuxxn (pronounced “The Queen”) has passed away. She was sick for quite a while, undergoing many surgeries. However, despite all the best efforts to save her and her own determination, she lost the fight on Saturday, July 20, 2013.

At the moment of this posting, her YouTube channel is still live; however her Twitter account has been closed. Nonetheless, the news is spreading across the Twittersphere as well-wishers continue to post their sympathy. I myself have followed her for years, and am both saddened and dismayed by her passing. I think The Quxxn was a little younger than my own daughters. To imagine a youngster, a child still, being lost like this… My heart swells.

My deepest sympathies to her friends and family. May she continue simming up there in Paradise, and continue to bring joy and love to all she meets.