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As you all know by now, a new update has been released to The Sims 3 in anticipation of the Island Paradise EP release next week (for my birthday, no less!  Huzzah!) This update forced me and anyone else who plays with mods to wait, very patiently, for out favorite modders to verify what got broken in their original programming and fix it. I’m pleased to say that as of yesterday, the 21st, most of them have either let us know their stuff works, have fixed what was broken, or had created mods that just didn’t need updating anyway, whether the modder knows it or not. Things like OMSP aren’t breaking the game on load. Unfortunately, if you have any Darkpool mods, it’s likely they don’t work. Actually, an interesting thing happens: the game loads to the main menu, but then all the menus are blank. No text, no pictures, nothing. OOPS! Luckily, these are rather esoteric mods, meant for specific game actions, and hardly crucial. Unless I were writing legacies and needed them for story continuity, I can certainly wait.

So that’s updates and mods all rolled into one topic.

Over at MTS, meantime, I’ve racked up a few new achievements thanks to my latest uploads, namely 100xThanks and Residential Architect. Well I’m now only 52 downloads away from 1000 x downloads, which just boggles my mind! I mean, I only have two lots and one sim, a self-sim at that who, therefore, didn’t generate a LOT of interest. Not only was she my first sim I actually worked on, she was only uploaded because a few friends wanted her. People wanted to play with me y’all, isn’t that cool? Or maybe that’s creepy… Anyway!

Point is, if you haven’t downloaded the Comfy Cozy (my most popular download by far), or the Hewlett (a really beautiful house, IMO, with plenty of room for expansion), please consider doing so. Tell your friends about them, too. Maybe one of them will be just the thing for one of their families. also, note that although I marked the Hewlett as needing darn near every EP out there, and quite a few SPs, for that matter, it only really, REALLY needs base game, Late Night, Supernatural, and University. Most of the windows are University, and some of the decor is from one of those, and of course you need LN for the hot tub. You may find yourself redecorating the house if you don’t have all the EPs. Of course, if you were planning on personalizing the house anyway, and you just like it for the floorplan…. Just saying.