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This time, I have for you a really cute little Cape Cod, 3 bedrooms 2 baths with loft space on the top floor. It’s on a small lot, only 20×15, and therefore doesn’t have many outdoor amenities; that makes it perfect for those sims who like to go out about town. Comfy Cozy Cape Cod I couldn’t quite make it without any CC at all, but there are zero store items in this house. I don’t think. CC used:

A few notes about the stairs. Please read a little more about these stairs here. I’m using the scripted version of the stairs. This means your sim animation will have them going “through” the stairs as though they were using a spiral staircase! You can see how they act here. If you don’t like that, pick the non-scripted version on TSR and replace them with those instead.

I’m sorry to say it requires Aurora Skies for the roof: I have yet to find a good substitute. However, I would recommend either JazSimmer’s Colorbond Corrugated Roofs (if you were lucky enough to get it), or just a good asphalt shingle. Another choice, if you have Flabaliki’s Outback Austraya #1 lot, the roof he created for it is also suitable. Also, there’s a “utilities” room on the back porch that used to have a door on it, however it’s a pay item from TSR and I removed it. If you can find a good single door centered on two tiles, feel free to add it on for yourself. Or not. The “room” doesn’t do much except take up spare space, really.

EPs & SPs used: Ambitions, Generations, Seasons, Supernatural, Late Night, Fast Lane Stuff (one lamp that I thought was perfect); made with game update 1.50.

$37, 186/$75,482

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