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The Hewlett began as a cc-free project, intended for a LivingSims challenge. Alas, by the time the challenge began, I was so far out into DOTY-land that I simply didn’t couldn’t finish it in time. Nonetheless I persevered, because I just love the design of this house!

Original concept of the Hewlett

Based on an ePlans.com plan, the Hewlett is a spacious Craftsman with plenty of room to expand.

I had to ignore some of the more interesting architectural features, of course, because EA simply doesn’t have them or make it possible to do without extensive downloads, but I’m pretty pleased with the result.

Side view of the original house.

My version comes in not one, not two, but three versions. The first is for a smaller 40×40 lot and has no pool, but has this GORGEOUS stone that I think is just perfect.

The Hewlett, small lot

Beautiful stone, but no fence or pool area.

The larger lot is fenced in because of the pool, and because it’s a bigger lot that deserves the extra treatment.

In the MTS version, I had to substitute the stone for an EA one.

Regardless of which version you choose, you get 3 bedrooms plus a study/guest bedroom, walk-in master closet from the master bath with adjacent laundry, large eat-in kitchen with a breakfast nook,  formal dining room, a three-car garage, unfinished basement and attic space, and a basic exercise room.

Picture spam time!


Breakfast nook from living room


Breakfast nook

Living Room

Entry and dining seen from the living room

Dining room

Master bedroom

Master bedroom


Back porch

In this view, the stone on the wall tells you this is the CC-free version. Just, you know, to be clear.



This is the floor on the regular Hewlett.


Porch with views into the living room and breakfast nook

Hot tub


It does have quite a few store items as well, only two of which I highly recommend you get. The wall lamp is used extensively throughout the main hallway, and the stove hood is IMO the right element for the space.

Store Item Name Recommendation
Grapes of Nectary Stove Hood Recommended
Crystal Elegance Wall Lamp Recommended
Excessinator Stove Not necessary
Exclamation Point Not necessary
Plant Pocket Not necessary
Light as a Cloud Lamp Not necessary
Murano Wooden Block Knife Stock Not necessary

download_iconDownload The Hewlett | Download The Hewlett-Pool Edition

Download the completely CC free MTS edition of the Hewlett

Find and download that awesome stone pattern from ung999 at TSR