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First of all, I should not have neglected updating you on the progress of DOTY.

Round 4 saw us taking the Smiths to South Africa, staying at Kruger National Park. I’ll post the pictures I did not submit here, they’re mostly just for fun, but you can find my entry here.

Getting comfy in the African themed room

Bedroom - comfy bed, protected from flying insects.

View of the porch in the dresser mirror

Elephants going by.

Desk area and lounge

ZEBRAS! I considered using this pic for my “snapshot” requirement but changed my mind. At least I didn’t use elephants, it seems everyone had those! LOL


I used monkeys instead


Having said all that, did I make it to the final 5?  The answer is a joyful and resounding YES! I’m very excited, as I’ve gotten much, MUCH farther than I had hoped.

By the way, the world used here is Ziwa Bonde by Nilxis. The monkeys are statues I added, but the zebras were running around in the world. You can see more (and watch some of my progress) in my album.