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The round ends in about 16 hours. About 2 hours ago, while I was sharing the pics I had and was finishing off the “snapshot” requirement, I learned I had mistaken a door for a window, and I had to redo the entryway. Luckily, only two pictures were thus affected: the overview, and the shot of said entryway.

What’s annoying is that I should have been in bed 4 hours ago, and was, in fact, nearly ready to do so when I found this out. Bother!

In any case, my entry is done and submitted. Wanna see the pictures? Of course you do! Here’s a sampling of the pics NOT in the entry. You can see more in the album I hope you like them, but I hope the judges like them even better.

Jaguwar-DOTY 2013- The Hamptons house deck view

View onto the deck, with the ocean beyond. The world used here is Autumn Falls.


Jaguwar - DOTY 2013 - Hamptons house - coming from the deck

Coming in from the deck. The Smiths have already made themselves comfortable, as you can see!

Jaguwar - DOTY 2013 - The Hamptons stairs view

To lounge, or to go sailing on the waters…. Hmmmm

Jaguwar - DOTY 2013 - Hamptons house onto the deck, with ocean beyond.

Dunno about you, but I’m tempted to go sit on the deck.

Jaguwar - DOTY 2013 - Living room as seen when leaving the reading nook

From the reading nook.

Jaguwar - DOTY 2013 - Hampton House - Living Room

I tried to make the space both rich and “beachy”, a difficult combination when you have an externally imposed color palette.

Jaguwar - DOTY 2013 - Hampton house fireplace

Cozy-looking fireplace, don’t you think?


Jaguwar - DOTY 2013 - Hampton House - Reading nook

Reading nook.

Jaguwar - DOTY 2013 - The Smiths in The Hamptons

Our lovely couple went out to dinner on the beach. This is a custom lot, the “Clouds Cafe” by fairycake89 on MTS. Click the image to go to the download page.