(Before I gush about the fact that DOTY is back, let me say this: For the umpteenth time, I’m soo sorry to have abandoned you, my dear readers! I’ve been… feeling reclusive, I guess. Also, I was having serious and increasing trouble with my computer, and therefore was neither creating nor playing much anymore. I think I’m ready to be back now: I have a brand new, 22 inch monitor, which is gigantic next to my old 17 inch VGA one, I expect to have a new video card by Tuesday, and most important of all I finally cleaned out the dust from INSIDE my computer, which is now purring and cooing, instead of yelling at me about how hard I make it work! So yeah, I’m back, just in time for….)
DOTY 2013!!!

DOTY is the premiere Sims design and decorating competition. Every year, dozens of people enter, but only 5 typically make it to the final round. Competition is fierce, intensive, consuming, and very very rewarding.

I think I’ll enter again.

If you want to join me, visit the official DOTY 2013 page to read the rules and submit your (non judged) application. This year we’re following a couple, Mr. & Mrs. Smith (yes, you’ll want to create them, too, or modify ready-made sims for your purposes, just be sure to credit the original creator!) on their travels around the world. Interesting contest. Are you ready?