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A little while ago (ok, last month, right in the middle of NaNoWriMo and other projects) I entered a challenge/contest on Simtech Forums, for Simplistic Magazine. The contest was hosted both on their site and on Facebook, so I’m not sure I even saw all the entries, but the ones I did see where pretty darned good.

The idea was to take one of three very specific SIMcredible design holiday sets, and one of three specific color palettes, and redo the entire first floor of a specific Sunset Valley house. It’s a pretty nice house, actually, with a nice open floor plan, but I had to redo it a little. It had all this kitchen/dining space that was underutilized, for one thing.


Imagine my surprise when I found I’d come in second.

Now imagine my shock when I realized the top three were decided by just one point!  Wow!

Thanks to all my fellow contestants, to Simtech and Simplistic Magazine for hosting this.  Here’s the album for my entry (click on the pic)
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