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I’ve posted this elsewhere, but i want my own place for it.  I wrote the following on Origin’s FB page:

“Highly disappointed.

I want to know why, when I submitted my payment for The Sims 3: Seasons, you sent me an email saying my order had been processed, but you DID NOT pay yourselves??? WHY?

The whole point of pre-ordering, for me, isn’t so much getting the bonus stuff, it’s being able to buy the game WHILE I HAVE MONEY!

I’ve been anticipating this for nearly a month now, knowing I didn’t have to worry because the game was already purchased, only to find it wasn’t.

I’ve never had this problem before. When I pre-ordered Supernatural, the money was taken within 48 hours, and about 30 minutes into the release date I was downloading. An hour later, I was playing, happier than a clam in mud.

This time, heartache! Highly disappointed.

Many of us pay with prepaid cards for security reasons; you can’t place a hold on those the way you can with a debit card, and these aren’t credit cards against which you can pay yourself later, either.

Do it right.”

Thing is, I can’t get it this week either, on payday, because I had plans for the measly little paycheck I’m anticipating. Really rather furious.

That is all.