I don’t know what it is with me. Whenever I start a project, I want to do it right, with as many of the bells and whistles as I can manage. However, being that I’m a broke single mother, I looks for things that are cheap or, better yet, free. Usually I get what I paid for, which is why I try to do things for myself as much as possible. It’s how I taught myself a lot of the skills I have, as a matter of fact.

If you’ve been following me recently, you know I’ve started a machinima project, complete with the name for my “production company”. Obviously, this is just for fun. Nonetheless, to give my movies a bit more credibility, I really should create a logo. I have several ideas in mind, but am unsure how to make them successfully. Logo creation has never been entirely my forte. So I thought “Let’s see what’s available for free out there.” That’s when I remembered LogoSnap.com.

When I first came across them a few years ago, they were pretty much just starting out. The Classic City Courier (now defunct) was considering getting a new image. Part of that meant a new logo. I played around with their free do-it-yourself service and dutifully got us a logo. Unfortunately, the newspaper project died for lack of funding before we could even think to deploy it, so there it sits, somewhere on my laptop’s hard drive.

But it was a great logo, especially for something I did myself, for free, via their service.

I went back there today and created a new design, wishing I could make use of their paid services this time. LogoSnap does branding, which means all that you might expect, from business cards to websites and everything in between, all at reasonable prices.  If you can’t afford them at this time, however, you can at least get yourself a free logo. All they ask is that you spread the word.

I am happy to have now done so.