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The new TS3 update 1.42 introduced a fair number of major modifications to the core. In other words, it’s a whole new program in many ways. So much so that most mods out there were “broken” for anyone who updated to 1.42, the Seasons patch, released earlier this week.

By now, most players have at least heard of Twallan. He runs “NRAAS Industries“, from which he releases many mods, including his most famous, Master Controller (aka MC). In addition to MC, he’s the author of Overwatch, Relativity, Story Progression, Woohooer, ErrorTrap, the also-famous NoCD mods, and 33 other mods, almost all of which create “hooks” into the core, thereby substantially expanding (and sometimes fixing) the game play.

Except for NoCD (which loads before the game itself has started), every single one of them was broken. This means Twallan needed to check them, figure out what was broken and why, and fix them ASAP. Given that the man programs for a living (meaning he has a life, outside of what he does for the simming community), I had expected this to take until the weekend.

I am pleased to say that I was wrong.  According to his State of the Mod page, as of now, ALL the mods, except for Story Progression, Relativity, and Hybrid (which he was working on before the new patch anyway) have been updated for 1.42.

He did this in about 48 hours.

That is an impressive feat, for which I wish to give Twallan the Badass Modder Boss award. I need to come up with a graphic for this. Right now, I just wanted to express my gratitude.

Thank you Twallan. You ROCK!