Well, I cheated a little bit. Last time, I asked you to help me choose what to do next. The truth is, I already had something in the works. In fact, this is my second entry in the Tablescape challenge.

Tonight, I finished my entry. Tell me what you think in the comments. Personally, I’m not terribly happy with it, so be honest: what could I have done better?

This is the inspiration picture:

My tablescape:

Look, a “tree” in the middle of the table!

A more overall view:

I took this shot because I wanted to show my little “mound” in the middle of the table, under the “tree”. It’s a pretty literal interpretation, I’ll admit. In fact, looking at it again, I realize I should have sunk the tree vase into the table so that the tree would look like it’s growing out of the “mound”. >.<  Oh well.

Final view: