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I’ve been playing a lot with the game lately, and still compulsively downloading wonderful CC that I have yet to use because I’m  not being creative any more.

I think it’s time that stopped.  The lack of creativity, I mean, not the downloading of CC. I’m perfectly happy to continue indulging my little addiction until my hard drive blows up!

Anyway, I digress. Here’s the deal. Living Sims has several very cool challenges going on right now, including Mirror Mirror 3.0 and Tablescape, the 10×10 challenge and Design Style: East Asian Modern. Black Pearl Sims always has some fun ones too, but I haven’t been there since I got more active with LivingSims (btw, did you check out Issue 28 yet?) Finally, with SIFF 2012 currently in progress, I’m thinking it would be cool to start learning a little bit about making movies. To that end, my friend SeeMyu over at MTS has a contest I’m interested in participating in, called Lights, Camera, Action! – A Film Making Contest!

Lots of choices, right? So here’s my question to you, dearest reader: which one do you think I should participate in? I’ll share any and all results with you, of course, but I need a little motivation!  So which shall it be?