It’s September, and the 2012 edition of SIFF is under way!

Whaaaa…?  You don’t know what SIFF is?  That’s ok, neither did I! SIFF is the “Sims International Film Festival“, a yearly contest event that brings together Sims filmmakers in a variety of film types, from shorts to music videos to documentaries.  You could call it the Sundance Festival of Sims Machinima.

This year, there are four categories which have received submissions:

  • Best Film,
  • Best Music Video,
  • Best Machinima Masters (more experienced machinimists), and
  • Best from “Other Stuff”, which includes promos and commercials.

I have to say, some of the entries have really impressed me. I think a contest like this should concentrate on editing, action, scene composition, sound track, special effects, and storyline. Although a few of the results are, frankly, a bit amateurish, there is enough there to vote for.  I encourage you to see for yourself and make your own choices, but in case you’re curious, I voted as follows:

For what it’s worth, I think  “The Pavillion“, by Anches, and “Daughter of the Sea“, by Lyramia Movies deserve a special mention, too, but the visuals in “First” as simply too good to pass up.

Check out the SIFF playbill, then cast your vote when you have made your choices. And from us here at JDCSims, good luck to all entrants.