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Lately, I’ve been taking a dip in the waters of object creation. So far I haven’t really created anything original, merely using someone else’s basic mesh (in this case, paintings), and slapping other images onto it.

Despite the relative simplicity of the process, I find the results oddly satisfying.

I present to you two items. The first is a series of Marie Cassatt paintings, and the other falls under the category of requests, I guess, though it was more a case of getting excited about someone’s project and wanting to contribute something.  Tell me what you think!

Marie Cassatt “Mother and Child” series. (Original mesh by EA)

Women’s rights posters (2012 edition). Original mesh by Awesims.

I have another one, too, but I’m using it for a challenge at Living Sims and don’t want to release it until I’ve submitted my entry. Patience…