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Ok, this is new for me: a Sim!  I am using her as my self Sim, although she doesn’t quite look like me.  The eyes and cheeks are about right, but I found it nearly impossible, even with sliders, to get her looking JUST like me.  I might have gotten there eventually, but I decided she was close enough (and cute enough) to use.

Thanks to piggypeachJasumiFREEDOM_55Golddisk, and MzzUnvrz for their feedback on the MTS Creator Feedback (CF) forum.  Oh and RylandHomes for finally twisting my arm and asking me to upload her already please!


  • Artistic
  • Born Saleswoman
  • Charismatic
  • Savvy Sculptor

Lifetime Wish: Home Design Hotshot (of course, what else?)

Favorites: Grilled Salmon, Pop music, and the color red

Astrological sign: Cancer

There is, of course (unfortunately), a fairly long list of CC.  Most of it is sliders.  I’m not sure to what extent you can use her without them; I suspect not at all.  So, here’s the list.

Custom Content


(BTW, while finding that link, I discovered another Nouk conversion by Savio, this time for loose dreads that I think look pretty awesome.  Get it here!)


Eyebrow N1 by S-Club Privé


Buffy’s Skintone V4 (non-Default)


Sliders: (darn near every one of them out there, it seemed!)

By the time you get all these, you might need to use Awesomemod or whatever the latest best hack is out there to increase the number of allowed sliders.  On the other hand, this should give you the ability to make nearly any Sim you want.

The zip file contains three files: a sims3pack, and two sim files.  Install ONE of them for best results.  Jaguwar Sim1.sim has a cc-less version of the Sim, while the other is meant to have the hair etc and may CRASH YOUR GAME if you try to install her without the CC.

Here’s the slideshow.  Enjoy! And let me know if/when you install her and have any trouble at all, I’m new at sharing Sims.

Download (zipx) | Download (zip) | Also available at ModTheSims (Approval granted June 2, 2012)

Vodpod videos no longer available.