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I’m struggling to complete a project I would have thought easy: recreating my childhood home.  It’s not the house design, that’s already done, a little inaccurately because I’m terrible at split-leveling.  It’s decorating the house with as little CC as possible, because EA selection is frankly limited.  I’m getting there though, and will share when I’m done.

The other is a new contest over at The Sims 3 to build a craftsman style house.  I’ve decided to try this one because I was just the other day thinking about doing just that.  It happens to coincide with what I want to do, so why not, right? 🙂

I think I’m going to try recreating this house plan.  It’s an absolutely beautiful house, and if I can manage it, it’ll be phenomenal!  I have more than a month to finish (it’s due June 1st), that should be plenty of time… right? I promise to post my WIP as soon as I can.  Meantime, here are some WIP pics of my childhood home.  Enjoy!

Oh!  Before I go: I also applied to be a proofreader at LivingSims magazine, a fantastic Sims publication.  I got a response back within less than 24 hours: welcome to the team.  WOO!  We’ll be publishing in June (date to be determined).  I’ll let you know when it comes out, or you can subscribe on the Living Sims website (see link above).