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This morning, full of a strange compulsion and spurred by boredom, I decided to check out TSS again.  I hoped the previous disappearance of the link from the domain name server database was an oversight.  In a way, I was right.  This is what I was greeted with:

We regret to inform you that TheSimSupply.com has officially closed.
We are continuing to make videos and have no current plans to stop.
You can see all our videos, old and new here:


Now I’m sad.  TSS was one of the first places I joined when I started playing TS3.  I met some terrific people there, learned an awful lot, and got my courage as a builder.  I will miss TSS’s camaraderie.  However I truly hope it will live on via YouTube: their tutorials are among the best out there, and I think Flabaliki has a great voice.

So long, TSS.  Long live TSS.