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I was saddened to find, today, that The Sim Supply is completely down now.  My browser says the domain name can’t be found.

Over the past few months, Flabaliki, owner and administrator of the site, had been considering making changes to the site, but clearly intended to keep it running.  On January 13, he posed the following on the site:

This website is closing, not TSS, just the way the site functions at this current point in time. I will be downsizing the website and server that it is run off. We will be removing user uploaded content as it is a slow moving area of the site, and is not active enough to think about keeping, for now at least, we can always bring it back.

The Sim Supply logo

The Sim Supply image is used without permission and remains property of TSS and Flabaliki

At the beginning of March, videos showed up on the YouTube channel, some old ones revamped, some completely new.

At the beginning of this month, April, the Facebook page got a little activity in the form of a new cover image.

Two weeks later, TSS had a database error.  Less than two weeks after that, the site is gone altogether.

I don’t know what happened.  All I know is I will miss TSS, but I hope it comes back in one way, shape, or form, sooner rather than later.  I will, of course, keep you updated.