Calling all lovers of Sims 3 challenges: there’s a new challenge in town, and just looking at the rules, you can tell it’s a doozy!

 Imagine being not only the newest person in town, you’re the ONLY person!  You’re neck of the nape (as Southerners would say) is entirely vacant.  Oh you do get rudimentary services (that’s the way the game is built, after all: you’ll have a mail person, burglars, maids, etc) but otherwise, there’s no one around.  No official buildings, either: no City Hall (which essentially makes you town founder!), no police station… no firefighters, either.  We can imagine there’s a volunteer firefighter force in the vicinity: if you install fire alarms in your house, firefighters will show up.  The same is true for police: an alarm system will bring them ASAP at the first sign of trouble.

Again, that’s the way the game is designed, and it’s a good thing.  Because if you want to grow this town, you have to grow your family, too, which in turn means you have to find somebody you can marry… and woohoo with, of course.

You also need to make a living so that you can start opening some businesses in town.  Well, you and your (hopefully) growing family, anyway.  There are rules under which you can accomplish all of this, and they are laid out in the “Nothing is Free” challenge.

Conceived by Avilikia at Mod the Sims, who says she was inspired by the  Build A City challenge from the Sims 2, this game is adapted for the Sims 3.  It is still a work in progress and subject to tweaking, but it looks like fun.  I think I may join in the fun at some point… though not right now, as we have no less than 6 contests we’re working on right now.  That hardly leaves any time for playing!

If you decide to play the “Nothing is Free” challenge won’t you share your results with me?