All right sweet Simmers, do I have some cool news for you!  My favorite builder has launched his 2012 building contest, and make a video presentation of said renovation.


Quoting Chrillsims directly (so you’ll forgive his slightly-off grammar):

“Your mission is to renovate and build complete the house i have made, that you can find just here below… download the house and you are ready to go… the house have to be fully furnitured… and the house is on a 40 x 30 lot if you wonder.

do a little video of your house and send it as a video response to my Competition video on youtube… also you can post a entry for your house with info, photos and video in the forums Here

i recomend to do both (Video on youtube and entry in forums) because that i can see in detail what you have create…

this time i dont require your download links… “

I’ve never done a video before, I find it a little cumbersome on my laptop.  I’m going to try anyway.  Besides, there’s a chance I’ll have a new desktop long before then, if I can get my friend to agree to build it to my specs.  Stay tuned….