SIMplified Living Magazine started an “international” contest a few weeks ago, and I signed up because I’m addicted to building, as you may know.  Ok, not addicted, but I do enjoy it.  Anyway, I thought it would be a fun challenge to do something completely different from what I usually do.

I wanted to do something other than the obvious (which is usually Asian) when people think “exotic” and “international” (unless they themselves are Asian, of course).  So I went looking around.  Many styles are difficult to achieve without CC (custom content) because they require a lot of roof decor, for instance, or unusual shapes that the game limitations make impossible, or custom patterns for thatched roofs, etc.  Finally, I decided I’d do something American but distinctive.

Southern Plantation house on a corner lot.I’d meant to do Louisiana bayou, but couldn’t find a plan I liked.  So I stayed in the South, choosing to do a Southern Plantation style house.  These are caracterized by wide front porches (usually on both levels, if they’re two stories) and tall, often simple columns.  So I found this one to work on.

As of now I have laid down all the windows and marked out all the rooms.  I have a little over two weeks left to finish decorating and doing the landscaping.  I’ll post progress as I go within the next few days.  I’m getting excited: it’s turning out pretty nicely, despite having to make a few slight adjustments.