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I learned something again in the midst of a contest.  Even the “flat rock” provided in the game is too big for Sims to walk over.  How did I discover this?  Well, because the contest required the lot to be available for download, I play-tested it.  When I tried sending a Sim to harvest from one of the plants, he stomped his foot and yelled at me, the universal Sim sign language for “Whatchoo talkin’ about Willis?  I can’t go there!  Are you insane?”

Insert sound of hair being pulled here.

Note that this happened at 2:30 in the morning.  I was busy carefully posing shots, trying not to over stress my very hot laptop in the process, hoping the whole thing didn’t crash around my ears.  Although Arthur, the contest host, hadn’t specified a deadline time, I was clearly late: the contest technically ended at midnight.  Fortunately, I already knew he would accept it “as long and it’s there Saturday morning” (today), so it was a simple matter of finding another rustic fence that would maintain the ambience I was looking for.

Thank goodness for Huge Lunatic. Her “Natural Garden Edgers” were just the thing, and yet another testing session showed it would work.  Huzzah! \o/

Anyway, I’m pretty happy with this place. It has a small pond (and a creek coming in and out of it), plenty of space to relax and rejuvenate (or romance!), from the Pagodish Pavillion to the orchard hidewaway. Picnic tables and bbq grills are provided, just bring the hot dogs. Plenty to do: every single main plant, including some hard to find ones, are included.  There are even recreation areas suitable for everyone.

Here’s the slideshow.  I’ll add more pictures as soon as I have the courage to take more in game ones.  CC List and download link are below the slideshow.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

CC List!:
Barn Door 2×1 by Lisen (you’ll probably need to RigFix it)
Sunday Windows by Pocci (should be updated for Pets)
Toilet Moderate Plain by Daisylee (not required – it should default to the toilet with the dreaded flower on it…. *shudder*)
Builder Set DIY by Armiel (fences)
Natural Garden Edgers by HugeLunatic (This right here saved my life when I found out the rocks didn’t work!)

Download from MediaFire.