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This is the CC list for Contempo.  Most of these are things like paintings and rugs, and are therefore not absolutely required (you can change them for yourself, or let the game put in what it will), but I would highly recommend you get the Axle ceiling light, and you must have the glass floor and ceiling to make this work/look good, as well as Armiel’s “CASt yourself a chimney” package.

This house is a flip of the Forgotten Bay Cottage by Daisylee on TSR.   Forgotten Bay is available for flipping any time you feel like doing this yourself.  I’m sure Daisylee would appreciate seeing what you do with it, just post your results on the Forgotten Bay Cottage Flip forum at The Sims Resource.  For that matter, I’d love to see it too.

Custom Content included with the house:

There are also three other paintings that I can’t find the original links to, one is a teen room poster clone, the others are just labeled “Abstract Painting” and came in a set.  As soon as I find them again, I’ll post a link.  However, as they are not required, it should be fine.

Contempo is now available for download on MediaFire in sims3pack format.  You’re welcome!

Vodpod videos no longer available.