Yet another contest provides an opportunity to try something new: building a community garden.  I’ve only ever built one other community lot, and unlike the last one, this has the potential to really make a difference to Sims, as they improve their gardening skills and find fresh produce (maybe even fish!) to cook with.

Original Community garden plan

This is the original plan, as drawn freely in a paint program.

This design is inspired by a picture I found of the Yoorala Street community garden, in Australia.  I liked that it was circular, and that the flower beds weren’t just rectangles plopped down on the ground.

Of course, the result will only vaguely look like this.  Why?  Darned angle limitations in TS3!  Basically, walls and fences can either be at 90 degrees, or 45 degrees to each other.  No other variations are possible, not even 30 degree ones.  Therefore, I will attempt to simply maintain the spirit of the design, and hope I can come up with something interesting without being flat out weird.

Wish me luck!  This is yet another adventure.

Anyway, in the mockup above, there’s a pathway going straight up the middle, and a bridge about halfway up that.  why?  Because there will be a pond there, with a watershed going SW to NE (if there ever is such a thing in Sims!)  On either side of this walkway, the oddly shaped areas are where the plant beds will go.  The hexagons with circles around them are pavillions surrounded by trees (the circles). Finally, the rectangular shapes are a composting area (top right) and tool shed (bottom left).

Looks interesting, right?  Kind of like a flower?  Well this is the best I could come up with in game:

Community Garden Plan In-game

Does that still look like a flower?  NO!  But I think it’ll look pretty good anyway, once I actually get plants and such in.

But my laptop isn’t liking how much energy it takes to run Hidden Springs, even in Edit Town mode, so I’ll have to take this one a few little bites at a time.  I’ll keep you posted!