Well we’ve done it!  We’ve kicked 2011 off on its bottom, and are staring a whole new year in the face.  Huzzah!

The end of 2011 was a little odd around JDCSims, especially because the computer was out of commission for 10 days near the end there.  As a result, I only have one new contest entry to show you.  I also have a snowy lot I’m working on, but again, I haven’t gotten to it this month for lack of computer time.  I’ll get back on it in a few days and share a little bit of my progress.

Meantime, I give you “Elder’s Retreat”, which was entered into the BPS “Ho-Ho-Holiday Get-a-way” contest.  Its hostess, Tinkle, was kind enough to extend the deadline to 11:59 PM tonight.  We’re very grateful she did so!

The contest’s back story was that two sisters, Susan and Mallory, have decided to go on holiday together, bringing their whole family along.  Susan is married with 3 children, while Mallory is married with an infant.  We were all given the same house plan; the question was, what kind of house is it, and where?  At the beach?  In the mountains?  By the lake?

Ho-Ho-Holiday house planWe decided it was a log cabin by the lake in a very idyllic, semi-isolated location.  Therefore, Elder’s Retreat is sited in Hidden Springs, 4 Beryl Court.  It has beautiful lake views and is at the end of a very short road without being completely isolated.

Lack of time (see above-mentioned computer troubles) meant I did minimal landscaping.  After all, it’s supposed to be December in some place balmy but not so hot that flowers bloom year round, and there just aren’t enough bushes to do that convincingly in TS3.

Anyway, enough griping.  I came up with this back story, to go with the house:

Twins Susan and Mallory have arrived with their families at Lac des Anciens, a beautiful woodsy location. They have rented from their African American friends Lionel and Doris who own themed cabins with lake views. Their cabin is called “Elder’s Cottage”, and is a log home with minimal amenities. Decorated in a somewhat tropical style, it is perfect for celebrating Kwanzaa.

Because this is a rental, the family has taken it easy with the decorations. As the New Year approaches, they still have some Christmas decorations up, but they are concentrating on Kwanzaa now, and just enjoying nature.

It’s not very pretty or anything, but it *is* a year-round rental, after all!  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you

Elder’s Retreat

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