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Dear EA,

Your Sims  roofing system sucks.  That is all.

Thank you.


Suburban loft with cool roof. Copyright FreeGreen.comYou see this roof here?  this fairly common sloped roof with an overhand?  I can’t put it into my house design.  Why, you ask?  Because EA’s roofing system makes decisions for you, that why!  For instance, it assumes that you want the wider side of the roof to be the lowest and highest edge.

Now if you’re paying attention, you’ll notice that this particular model does have the roof wider than long, and the slope goes front to back along the shorter edges.  What if I want/need it to be the other way around?  Why not?  I mean, I’m designing the darned thing, why do I not have a say?  If I decide it’s not right, that’s fine, but why is the game making the decision FOR me?

Stupid!  It’s my design, darn it, I should be allowed to mess it up (or not) any way I choose.

Now I have to either give up this idea, or come up with a different plan.  That does not make me a happy designer.  It’s a good thing I have fun music playing on Pandora right now.  It’s hard to stay completely ticked off with Sean Kingston playing.

Back to the drawing board, I guess.